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Executive summary

Executive summary


Confinity Solution Market data solution for Financial Markets is a robust market data platform providing ultra-low latency connectivity to exchanges, consolidated data feeds, and electronic markets. Download the full white paper which describes the components and capabilities of Confinity Solution Market data solution—including support for over 100 international data feeds, consolidated order book capabilities, and high-availability features—and describes the competitive advantages of this groundbreaking platform.


Because speed and throughput are crucial, IT is increasingly pressured to deliver more messages per second to local and remote points. Confinity Solution Market data solution helps IT teams make speed a priority. Through integration with Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions — a messaging transport engineered for the rigorous latency and throughput requirements typical of today’s financial trading environments — Confinity Solution Market data solution provides high-speed multicast and unicast messaging support.

Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions is capable of delivering more than 45 million messages per second, and also provides support for native InfiniBand and for RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) over Ethernet, with latency measured as low as five microseconds for small message sizes. These next-generation interconnect standards offer high transmission rates and scalability to enable higher throughput with even lower latency, reduced latency variability, and low CPU consumption. Confinity Solution Market data solution supports both multicast one-to-many distribution and point-to-point (unicast) messaging capabilities to enable market data delivery to local or remote clients.

Redundant Confinity Solution Market data solution feed handlers interpret feed formats and build a cache of objects that are published only when requested, and then sent to the object distributor for delivery. Multiple object distributors can be deployed throughout a LAN, WAN, or Internet enterprise environment. Self-managing object distributors communicate with each other to form a collective middleware layer directing traffic and routing requests from subscribing clients.

Confinity Solution Market data solution is designed for high availability, with a distributed architecture employing redundant components at all levels. No single component failure can cause an interruption in service, and the system can be configured such that even multiple component failures do not cause interruptions of service.

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