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Ultra-low latency, high throughput messaging transport

Ultra-low latency, high throughput messaging transport


Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions is the successor product of IBM WebSphere MQ LLM. It’s a product designed for the high performance messaging market space that is characterized by exceptionally high message volumes combined with sub-millisecond latency requirements. The current version of LLM is designed primarily for the messaging requirements of the front-office of financial institutions. Although announced as a product in November 2007, LLM has been in development for several years prior as the Reliable Multicast Messaging (RMM) project from the IBM Haifa Research Lab. IBM’s LLM was branded as part of the IBM WebSphere MQ messaging family of transports but has always been a separate product altogether.


Typical message types in Financial Market applications that would require LLM performance characteristics are as follows:


- Market data

- Trade data

- Reference data

- Event data (notifications, alerts, and so forth)


The fact that financial markets are one of the first target markets for LLM does not preclude its use in other market sectors, such as telecommunications, where similar messaging qualities of service may be required.


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