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Confinity Solutions was established in 2016 to buy out the software offerings IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging and IBM WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets. Confinity Solutions is a FINTECH startup with mature products (8 years+ in market). Confinity Solutions has an established customer base worldwide. Confinity Solutions has growth potential outside Financial Markets

Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions is the successor product of IBM WebSphere MQ LLM. It’s a product designed for the high performance messaging market space that is characterized by exceptionally high message volumes combined with sub-millisecond latency requirements.

Confinity Solutions Market data distribution system for Financial Markets is a robust market data platform providing ultra-low latency connectivity to exchanges, consolidated data feeds, and electronic markets.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Many organizations have existing market data systems supporting a large number and variety of applications. Through IBM InfoDyne technology, Confinity Solution - Market data solution provides out-of-the-box integration with RMDS platforms. ITOD/Gateways are used to selectively route requests, responses, and update traffic bidirectionally between Confinity Solution - Market data solution and these other systems.


Confinity Solution - Market data solution can be integrated with multiple other systems simultaneously, ensuring a low cost of deployment and ownership, since feeds and feed handlers do not need to be deployed multiple times per system. This provides tremendous flexibility when servicing multiple business units from the same market data platform and avoids the need for a “big bang” integration effort.

  • A market data source-neutral alternative for delivery of market data that can address challenges such as increasing market data and trade volumes, rises in algorithmic trading, market fragmentation, and regulatory changes.
  • Feed handlers that can handle streaming data coming into or out of the Confinity Solution - market data solution infrastructure and provide connectivity, data processing, and control and administration capabilities.
  • Support for over 100 data feeds, including major U.S. and international data sources, with connectivity to exchanges, ECNs, and consolidated data providers.
  • Consolidated order book capability, providing the ability to combine any number of order book feeds into a single consolidated view.

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