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Confinity Low Latency Messaging

Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions is the successor product of IBM WebSphere MQ LLM. It’s a product designed for the high performance messaging market space that is characterized by exceptionally high message volumes combined with sub-millisecond latency requirements. The current version of LLM is designed primarily for the messaging requirements of the front-office of financial institutions. Although announced as a product in November 2007, LLM has been in development for several years prior as the Reliable Multicast Messaging (RMM) project from the IBM Haifa Research Lab. IBM’s LLM was branded as part of the IBM WebSphere MQ messaging family of transports but has always been a separate product altogether.

Typical message types in Financial Market applications that would require LLM performance characteristics are as follows:

- Market data

- Trade data

- Reference data

- Event data (notifications, alerts, and so forth)

The fact that financial markets are one of the first target markets for LLM does not preclude its use in other market sectors, such as telecommunications, where similar messaging qualities of service may be required.

Confinity Market Data Solution for Financial Markets is a robust market data platform providing ultra-low latency connectivity to exchanges, consolidated data feeds, and electronic markets.

Ultra-low latency

Confinity Market Data Solution helps IT teams make speed a priority. Through integration with Low Latency Messaging (LLM) from Confinity Solutions, Confinity Market Data Solution provides high-speed multicast and unicast messaging support.

High throughput

Confinity Market Data Solution supports both multicast one-to-many distribution and point-to-point (unicast) messaging capabilities to enable market data delivery to local or remote clients.

Modular design

Redundant Confinity Market Data Solution feed handlers interpret feed formats and build a cache of objects that are published only when requested,and then sent to the object distributor for delivery.Multiple object distributors can be deployed throughout a LAN,WAN,or Internet enterprise environment.Self-managing object distributors communicate with each other to form a collective middleware layer directing traffic and routing requests from subscribing clients.

High availability

Confinity Market Data Solution is designed for high availability, with a distributed architecture employing redundant components at all levels. No single component failure can cause an interruption in service, and the system can be configured such that even multiple component failures do not cause interruptions of service.

Our customers

Our key objective is to deliver a leading-edge, customer-focused, multi-asset-class and reliable trading system, building on our track record of innovation as a first-mover in electronic markets. Deutsche Börse is proud of its close cooperation with best-in-class partners.

Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer

CTO Eurex Frankfurt AG, Head of Derivatives, Cash and Energy Trading IT

The new transactional engine of the Santiago Stock Exchange will process more than 3,000 orders per second - with latency measured in microseconds and under the concept of total connectivity.

Jose Antonio Martinez

General Manager, Santiago Stock Exchange

Chi-Tech selected WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging as a messaging backbone for our high performance, low latency matching technology, assuring that our platform continues to meet the speed and mission-critical reliability requirements of today’s algorithmic and high frequency trading communities.

Richard Leung

Chief Technology Officer, Chi-Tech

Our partners

Confinity Solutions has a strong partner ECO system to deliver services worldwide

Confinity Solutions was established in 2016 to buy out the software offerings IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging and IBM WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets. Confinity Solutions is a FINTECH startup with mature products (8 years+ in market) and has an established customer base worldwide (25+ customers).

Stefan Ott

CEO and founder

  • 2010-2015
    IBM Deutschland GmbH - in a role as worldwide sales and business development for financial markets software incl. Websphere Front Office, MQ LLM (low latency messaging) products and the financial markets framework offerings.
  • 1995-2009
    ThomsonReuters, formerly Reuters - amongst other roles Global Head of Common Platform for Content Mgmt, London based with 25 staff onshore, 60 staff off-shore, GBP 12m+ budget pa.
  • 1988-1994
    Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt - as Head of Marketing Info-Systems with responsibility for TPF, pcKISS and BIFOS.

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